We need your support to continue our ministry to hurting families devastated by addiction.

You can help us in several ways. Contact our Executive Director, Ronnie Haynes, at 678-459-2347 for more information:

Make A Donation To Help Men In Addiction

  1. Through your charitable financial giving. The men cannot work outside of the house for the first 3 months, so they still require financial support ($500 intake and $1000/month) for that period of time.
  2. Through hiring our men for virtual and in-person jobs.  The men cannot work outside of the house for the first 3 months, but you can hire a man to do Virtual Assistant work from within the House (see the services we provide here) during those first months, and hire them to work for you in person after 5 months.  You will be empowering a man to change the financial destiny of his entire family by hiring him.
  3. Through charitable in-kind giving, such as
    1. building labor (carpentry, drywall, painting, electrical, hvac, fire protection, etc.) and building materials,
    2. educational supplies (printer paper, pens, notebooks),
    3. job and educational equipment (computers/laptops, business phones and headsets, wired mice and keyboards),
    4. garden and farming supplies (equipment, seeds, chicken feed, supplies for the green house),
    5. motors to repair (cars, small motors such as lawn mower motors).
  4. Through volunteering. We need help with fundraising, chaperoning, teaching, marketing, administration, data entry and more.

Please make checks payable to RPM Ministries Inc. and mail to:

RPM Ministries Inc.
PO Box 328
Holly Springs, GA 30142-0006

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit

Use ZELLE to info@gsrecovery.org (no extra fees)

Pay with Credit/Debit or Paypal (fees included) pay here

for his books.

Use ZELLE to clientaccount@gsrecovery.org (no fees taken out)

Or you can use Paypal, but PAYPAL FEES of 0.29% + $0.30 will be deducted from the total.