Good Shepherd Recovery House offers in-house working Scholarships depending on the current needs of the Recovery House. The current types of work are as follows:

  1. Computer and Phone work for our online conference business, Joint Conferences and Free Online Conferences, as well as our upcoming Recovery House Software program.
    – Knowledgeable about how to use a computer and basic functions such as sending emails, uploading files, and filling out online forms
    – Has posted on social media networks such as Facebook
    – Has good spelling and grammar
    – Is comfortable doing customer service phone and email work
    – The ability to work in a cubicle at a desk for a mandatory 25 hours per week
    No hard selling – only social media posting, phone calls and emails inviting people to be speakers and vendors at online events or to try our recovery house software, and answering follow-up questions.
    Must assist in raising an average of $1,000 per month through sales of $99 annual or $150 lifetime membership fees for our online businesses (7 – 11 sales each month).
    – Works in partnership with the Program Director, who oversees the business and helps with sales and questions.

For more information, about the Computer and Phone Scholarship, call Penny Haynes at 678-459-2346 x 103 or use our Contact Us form.

To learn more about our program, please go to our Services and Intake Page, which also has an application for your download and review.