What was good for you during your stay?
The support I always felt I had. The guys in the house felt like family and penny was like my second mom.

What could have been better?

In the moment I may have had some complaints but looking back now from the outside the only complains I would have had would have been from my own decisions. Honestly couldn’t have received any better treatment than what I got.

If anything, what did Good Shepherd do for you?
Helped me learn how to live my life sober. Was a changing point in my life and the longest I’ve ever been sober. Helped me learn how to deal with why I wanted to use rather than just helping get me off the drugs.


Penny, I just want to say I owe a lot to you and Ronnie for who I am now and I’m grateful that I came to the Good Shepherd when I did. I was going to end up dead or worse.

After leaving Good Shepherd Recovery House, I eventually went to work at a mental health facility and was working on becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. But since then, I have had the opportunity to take a position at a medical practice in Fort Oglethorpe and I’m going to go back to school to be a Physician’s assistant. The Lord has really blessed me!

I have also gotten remarried. God put a wonderful woman in my life that loves me like I’ve never been loved before. She is also a nurse and encourages me and supports me in every way.

All of my legal matters have been settled and doors have opened to me. God has been so good to me and all it took was making a decision…I remember you teaching me that. I never realized the power of making decisions, especially the right ones.

Stephen Henderson

The Good Shepherd program helped me turn my life around when I needed it the most. The sternness and discipline taught there changed my mindset on how to deal with life’s challenges and drug addiction. The classes and responsibilities helped me become a better man and father to my family coming home. It was definitely an experience I will never forget and will always cherish going forward. Thank you Ronnie and Penny Haynes.

Jonathan Applin

The Good Shepherd saved my life. I struggled with addiction for 10 years and lost everything in my life. Mrs Penny and Pastor Ronnie helped me get to the root of my problem and gave me the tools to get my life back on track.


What was good for you during your stay?
Being around a group of guys that were diligently seeking out sobriety and holding each other accountable for everything. I truly found myself here at the Good Shepherd and have sharpened my skills; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What could have been better?
I really can’t think of anything that could have been better. Some of the tasks and responsibilities in the first 90 days were very mundane. But nonetheless, they were very crucial to my recovery.

What did Good Shepherd do for you?
The Good Shepherd has taught me that sobriety and recovery takes work. Actual effort is necessary to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Working the steps of recovery has been crucial to my sobriety and recovery thus far and I plan to continue staying plugged into the ministry and helping others that are in recovery.

Brent Wattenbarger

What was good for you during your stay?Ronnie and Penny were so great to work with during my recovery. They were there to really help me find the root of my addiction and help me recover through my sobity.
What could have been better?I have no complaints about the Goodshepard. They give you the tools and knowledge to really help you succeed through your recovery process.
What did Good Shepherd do for you?The Goodshepard helped me find a new way of life. It help me become more independent and gave me the tools not to rely not drugs and alcohol.
For family members what has Good Shepherd Done for your familyThe Goodshepard has restored my relationship, love, and trust with my family once again.
James B Perry

What was good for you during your stay?A set routine that kept me involved and engaged in my recovery.
What could have been better?More recreation time
What did Good Shepherd do for you?It helped me maintain a clear head. It helped me get back on my feet financially and I grew a lot stronger spiritually.
For family members what has Good Shepherd Done for your familyIt has brought us closer together and restored many relationships I never thought I would get back.
Andrew Miller


Your life can begin again at Good Shepherd Recovery House.

We understand addictions and the hurts, habits and hangups that cause them. We have lived them, and we have overcome them. It doesn’t mean we don’t experience challenges, but it means that we can face the challenges and handle them in a healthy way.

We can share with you how we were healed by the power of God’s Spirit through Jesus Christ. It took the intervening power of an almighty God to break through our defenses, reveal truths we could not understand, and heal the hurts that have debilitated us throughout the years. We are sure you are slowly figuring out that if you could have fixed yourself by now, you would have already. So it’s time to stop that insanity and try something new. That’s where Good Shepherd Recovery House comes in.

Yes, we help you discover the root causes for your issues and teach you healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the uncertainty and stress of life. However, that is not what will change you – head knowledge is useless if your spirit and emotions are still broken. Only by

  • finding unconditional love and acceptance,
  • learning that God created you as a unique individual with specific strengths, weaknesses and needs,
  • how to use those particular strengths and weaknesses to live a successful and balanced life that glorifies God,
  • how to meet your very real needs in a godly and balanced way, and
  • becoming convinced of your intrinsic value

will you ever be able to lay down your lifelong self-protecting behaviors and live a life of freedom, peace and joy.

We are all works in progress, so we walk this road together in humility. No one has completely arrived, so there is no room for judgement or condemnation. We know that only the power of God’s love can work the miraculous so we can be free from the effects of our past to live unhindered in the present and the future.  Call us today at 678-459-2346 and let us introduce you to the amazing power of God.

CLICK HERE FOR detailed information about the 12 Month State Licensed, THOR Approved Residential Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program


  • No smoking, dipping, vaping. Nicotine Patches and nicotine gum are allowed while weaning off of tobacco over 6 weeks. You must have stopped using nicotine prior to entering the program.

  • $35 Background Check (non-refundable)

  • $500 Intake Fee (non-refundable)

  • $1000 Monthly Fee (non-refundable)

  • $100 Medical Exam Fee (non-refundable)

  • Clients cannot work until their 4th month, so clients will need a Sponsor or existing income for the first 4 months.

Complete it online or download and return.

***Applications can be submitted, but cannot be processed by Good Shepherd until we receive payment for the Background Check***

Online Applications (complete these online):

Application REQUIRING Immediate Payment for the Background Check Fee at time of submission. You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal.

Application only – it may be submitted but will not be processed until the Background Check fee is paid. You can pay by Zelle or Check.

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